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What makes a good distributor



So, what does make a good distributor? There are many qualities that indicate a distributor is providing superior service. Clearly the main purpose of distribution is to send out goods so consistently maintaining stock levels is essential. A good distributor also needs to possess an innate understanding of their market. They must strive to constantly meet the needs of their clients and adapt to ensure they can always fulfil this.

Effective communication

Without effective communication, a distributor cannot be successful. Holding the stock that the market needs comes through listening to their customers and responding to needs. The strength of communication must go through every area of the business. A website with clear content detailing precisely what the distributor does and products with clear and precise descriptions. Communication also comes through clear timescales on orders and invoices that show exactly what is being charged.


When customers contact their distributor, if they have strong technical knowledge and can recommend a product this goes a long way. This is about listening to your customers and hearing exactly what it is they need solved. If customers are sent what they need through expert consultation, then they go away satisfied.


A distributor must accept responsibility for the dispatch and flow of goods. Customers need to know that when they place an order it will be packed and sent when the distributor says it will. A good distributor has trust in their whole team and internal systems and is therefore accountable to their customers. This builds trust and ensures repeat business.

Reliability & consistency

As customers use a distributor, if they continually receive products that are fit for purpose and dispatched in a timely manner then that reliability and consistency of service goes a long way. If a customer is consistently treated well and enjoys reliable supply, then they are unlikely to look elsewhere for their products

Kit solutions

APJ have been working closely with our suppliers over the years to manage a complete kit of parts that our customers need. We put together bespoke tailored kit solutions for all customers so that we can save them time and money. These kit solutions are designed to help your team work together more efficiently and productively that enables you to focus on growing your customer relationships. We know time is money so with everything in place in one place, APJ eliminates the problems that you have associated with synchronised deliveries and shipping costs. One product, one giving you everything you need.

What makes a good distributor

Our kit solutions form part of our ethos in making things as easy as possible for our customers. Not only do we tailor the kit into a bespoke solution just for them, but they also get a unique part number code so that when they ask for it, we know exactly who it is for. Kit solutions have been born out of years of experience listening to our clients responding to their needs and providing the perfect solution. One supplier, one solution.


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