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At APJ it’s critical to us that our business focuses on service not just selling refrigeration equipment. We know that it’s not about providing equipment and leaving our clients to it. Our experienced team has an in depth understanding of the Refrigeration Industry and a wealth of knowledge of our extensive product range. Because it is so important to us that we help and make recommendations, we take the time to really listen to our clients. We hear what their needs are and how they want their equipment to work. At APJ we know that these parts and components are an investment for businesses so we can offer guidance on the best mid to long term solutions for customers. The provision of good investment doesn’t end with parts, we aim to support green technology that reduces energy consumption.

How we service clients

So, what makes someone a technical expert? They need to have specific knowledge within their field of work so that they can offer consultation to clients. When customers buy a product or use a service, they want technical expertise. They want to know when there is a question, problem or issue that they can go to an expert who has the answers they need. The internet pop up box when you visit a website doesn’t always cut it especially with machinery and components. The world moves at a fast pace and there is an expectation now that we need answers to questions quickly.

Expertise generates trust

When people are given solutions that work well for them, it empowers them and really does generate trust in the brand. Equally when issues arise, knowing that there is a team with the technical expertise to solve problems quickly gives a safety net to business who are reassured that the situation is handled. Knowledge comes through experience and listening, and we are committed to consistently evolve, develop and strengthen so that we can serve our customers in the most effective way.


APJ has spent years developing strong relationships with respected manufacturers of commercial refrigeration components. Our strategic partnerships with the best in the business work because we are mutually committed to providing quality components to customers. Here are some of suppliers we work alongside:



Mueller Industries




To discover more about our trusted suppliers, please do look at our supplier page: (


We have a comprehensive product range that has been honed through years of experience and reacting to customer demand as well as ensuring we keep pace with the latest developments in technology. Here are a few broad categories below:

Mechanical controls

Suction accumulators

Mueller protection devices

Refrigeration valves

Electronic controls

Oil filters


For a more extensive looks at our range, please visit our product page (

We don’t want our customers to feel overwhelmed when looking at our supplier or product range so pick up the phone today and talk to us so that we can tailor the right solution for you.


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