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Oil Level Controls


For commercial refrigeration in multi-Compressor parallel systems, except satellite Compressors.

Our W-OLC series oil level controls are designed to control the oil level in each individual compressor of the parallel system, preventing wear or damage to compressor.

They can be used with most of the Compressors brands and models, of different dimensions or different refrigerant capacities in the same installation.

Our W-OLC series Oil Level Regulators permit some Compressors of the parallel system to operate individually while others are idle.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

* Float operated needle valve.

* Designed to be attached directly to the sight glass

housing on the compressor crankcase.

* Five bolt flange 47.8 mm B.C models W-OLC-12HD.

* 3/8” SAE inlet fitting.

* Steel, nickel-plated flare fitting and flange connections.

* Neoprene O-ring and hardware included.

* Corrosion resistant electrostatic powder paint.

* Approved by: CUL file SA8547

* Maximum Working Pressure: 31 bar.

* Burst Pressure: 155 bar.


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