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T-flow Driers

TFD Series Replaceable Cartridge Driers and IHN Moisture Indicators

TFD are replaceable cartridge driers for all kind of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These Liquid line filter driers are designed to perform the important task of cleaning contaminants from a refrigeration or air conditioning system with the added benefit of a quick change out of driers. Simply un screw the old drier and screw on the replacement drier.

The TFD filter drier cartridge is suitable for use in transport refrigeration and air conditioning systems, in refrigerant reclaim, recover and recycle equipment, as well as a vacuum pump filter.

The IHN Series moisture indicators are designed for use with all TFD replaceable cartridge filter driers. The large sight glass area in the IHN moisture Indicator shows at a glance the condition of the refrigerant system. The moisture indicator element changes colour and indicates if the system is safely dry or dangerously wet.

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