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Valcon Filter Driers

Valcon offer a range of Driers including Liquid line Driers for liquid line and are designed to offer complete protection of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  systems. TD Filter Driers remove moisture, acid, dirt and foreign material to protect the Compressor, Solenoid Valves, Expansion Valves, Capillary tubes and other close tolerance parts of your system.

For use with HCFC’s, CFC’s

Maximum Working pressure 41.4 bar (03 to 16 )34.5 bar (30 to 75)

TDS Series Filter Driers are one or multiple replaceable core driers, designed for a wide range  of system applications for suction and liquid service. These Driers offer the flexibility of using either replaceable filter cores for protection against solid contaminants or replaceable filter drier blocks for protection against acid moisture and solids. They provide complete system protection with a choice of cores (cores sold separately) and high liquid line flow capacities for larger Air Conditioning and Refrigeration applications.

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