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Valcon Oil Separators

Conventional Oil Separators

W and XW series are sealed Oil Separators have a removable flange. Each oil separator features a unique screen and baffle arrangement to enhance oil separation from refrigerant gas mixtures.

The use of a lightweight stainless steel float allows for a faster response in returning lubricants back to compressor. Solid copper fittings and a 3/8 SAE flare fitting for oil return, allows for easy installation.

Ideal for use in air conditioning, commercial refrigeration and low temperature applications.

Coalescent Oil Separators

As with conventional Oil Separators, the Coalescing type are also recommended for:

Low evaporator temperature applications

Medium evaporator temperature applications when the condensing unit is above the evaporator

Applications where refrigerant lines are excessively long, ie. Supermarkets, Refrigerant recovery and reclaim systems.


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